What should the glove factory do

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Products made by the gloves factory have become essential for heat preservation in cold areas, or medical antibacterial and industrial protective products.

Products made by the gloves factory have become essential for heat preservation in cold areas, or medical antibacterial and industrial protective products. Gloves are divided into sewing, knitting, and dipping according to the manufacturing method.

Varieties include disposable latex gloves, cotton gloves, dipped gloves, cowhide gloves, high temperature gloves, welder gloves, cut-resistant gloves, electrical insulating gloves, fire-fighting gloves, chemical-resistant gloves, puncture-resistant gloves, steel wire gloves, cut-resistant gloves, Insulation gloves, nitrile gloves, PVC gloves, neoprene gloves, PU gloves, etc.

The material classification of gloves: metal wire-common stainless steel wire, and also chrome alloy wire, mainly used to make cut resistant gloves. This type of material has the strongest cutting resistance and is easy to clean, but it is heavy and inconvenient to use. Kevlar, Spectra and other synthetic yarns-they are also better synthetic fiber cut resistant materials. Although the cut resistance is not as good as metal wire, they are light in weight and comfortable to use. After improvements and treatments, some products can also reach the highest cut resistant product standards. grade. Nitrile (with fabric lining)-has anti-wear and anti-puncture properties, flexible and comfortable to use.

The size of the glove should be appropriate. If the glove is too tight, it will restrict blood circulation, which will easily cause fatigue and uncomfortable; if it is too loose, it will be inflexible and easy to fall off. The selected gloves must have sufficient protective effect. The environment where steel wire cut-resistant gloves should be used, and synthetic yarn cut-resistant gloves cannot be used. To ensure its protective function, it is necessary to change gloves regularly. If the expiration date is exceeded, hands or skin may be injured.

After analyzing the pain points faced by enterprises and consumers in the glove industry, the gloves factory decided to find a market segment, and use this segment as a breakthrough point to enter the market, avoid the fierce competition of product homogeneity, and be able to effectively Solve the pain points faced by consumers.