How Can We Relieve Dog Hair Loss

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Why are dogs so able to shed their hair? Is there some health problem with constant hair loss? Is there a way to keep them from shedding?

According to the survey, the problem of funny dogs’hair loss has surpassed the historical problems of pooping without burying, neutering heat, waking up in the middle of the night, and becoming the biggest obstacle for pets to get along with their owners at present. Why are dogs so able to shed their hair? Is there some health problem with constant hair loss? Is there a way to keep them from shedding? 

There are many reasons why dogs shed hair, but basically, they can be divided into "physiological" and "pathological" causes. Here we recommend your teddykala's robot cat litter box, which can effectively help you solve related problems.

Physiological hair loss: hair loss is a very normal phenomenon, general cats' and dogs' hair loss is mostly physiological reasons and is a normal metabolic response. Just like human hair, it is constantly growing, shedding, and turnover.

1, the change of season caused by hair loss

When the seasons change, the temperature will rise or fall, and cats and dogs will adapt to the temperature by changing their hair. They adapt to different climates through different amounts of hair, so spring and autumn are the preparation stages for their winter and summer, and they will start to change their hair/shedding. Cats and dogs shed hair in all seasons, only the spring and autumn are particularly obvious.

2, metabolism

Like human hair, cats and dogs will lose hair as they grow, especially during the transition from puppyhood to adulthood. Into old age will also lose a lot of hair, remember to supplement calcium at this time.

3, hair loss during childbirth

Just like people will lose their hair after giving birth, female meows and female woofs will also have hair loss after giving birth. The fact is that you will need to nurse after giving birth, at this time the body will lose a lot of nutrition, resulting in hair loss.

4, hair loss during the estrus and old age

During the period of heat, the pet will lose hair because of hormonal changes in the body; when the pet reaches old age, it will also lose hair because of slow metabolism.

Combing their hair once or twice a day will help your pet comb out a lot of dead hair, which is the most fundamental way to remove hair loss, while daily combing can also promote subcutaneous blood circulation, only healthy skin is the key to not losing hair. Regularly combing your pet's fur can help reduce the accumulation of fur due to normal metabolism, which can make your pet's fur stronger and smoother; it not only removes dirt and dust from the fur and prevents tangling, but also promotes blood circulation, strengthens skin resistance, and enhances the relationship with your pet.

Pathological hair loss

1, skin diseases cause hair loss

Pets can lose a lot of hair when they are infected with skin diseases. In addition, because the body is very itchy, pets will use claws and teeth to scratch the fur, which leads to hair loss. For example, mites or striped worms caused by skin-related diseases, there will be large chunks of hair loss, the first fell relatively small, and later will be more and more.

2, improper use of toiletries

Some people use human shampoo and body wash when bathing cats and dogs, which is the wrong approach. Some ingredients in human toiletries can cause dander and itching in pets, which can lead to hair loss. Therefore, when choosing toiletries for pets, be sure to choose pet-specific supplies that are suitable for them.

3, malnutrition

Poor nutrition in pets can also cause hair loss when unbalanced, especially when lacking vitamin B. When cats and dogs have a lot of hair loss, and can not find the reason, it may be worth giving them some vitamin B supplement.

4、Low sunlight time

Cats and dogs are to be exposed to the sun, not the sun, it is easy to breed skin disease, which causes hair loss. Sun exposure is good for pet fur health, so be sure to let them sunbathe more.

5、Bathing too often

Too much bathing can disrupt the pH balance of your pet's skin, which can cause hair loss. Under normal circumstances, in summer every 7-10 days or so to bath your dog, in spring and autumn when it is cooler can be about 2 weeks to bath your dog, and in the cold winter months, the bathing cycle can also be extended to about 20-25 days. Some people see dogs shed hair, they repeatedly help them bathe this can only be counterproductive. Bathing too often will only damage the skin tissue and cause more terrible hair loss. At the same time, the use of professional body wash and conditioner can reduce the shedding of hair and ensure skin health.

In the case of cats, due to the more excellent difficulty factor of bathing and their cleanliness, a bath once every 2 months is enough for long-haired cats, and 3 or 4 months or even once every 6 months for short-haired cats because they are not prone to getting dirty. Of course, if you think it is dirtier, then you should also take a bath in time.

6, emotional hair loss

When the pet has fear, nervousness, and worry, will also be a lot of hair loss. Therefore, do not easily put cats and dogs into the homes of strangers. In addition, when they are emotionally unstable, pay attention to timely reassurance and eliminate its tension.