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At dawn, the workers gradually poured the fermented material into the barrel with the wine cone, then covered the condenser on it, and poured water around the condenser to seal it absolutely.

Dawn first beckoned several local reporters into the factory, and then came to Ulma's side. Ulma happily patted Dawn on the shoulder: "Brother, when the first wine is brewed, I'll let the musketeers fire a few more rounds." Dawn smiled and nodded, beckoned Ulma into the factory, and then let Blatter, Roentgen and Mozer continue to greet some important VIPs, who may be big customers in the future. Brother, the reporter from the Beihai Branch of the World Economic News has come. Blatter came to the dawn to remind him. The reporter of the World Economic Newspaper was asked by Blatter in advance at dawn, mainly to use the influence of the World Economic Newspaper to do propaganda work for the brewery. Of course, it took a lot of Bailey to hire him. With Blatter's eyes, dawn looked at the same time. It was a woman, tall and slender, looking half a head shorter than dawn, standing far away from the crowd, with a cold feeling of not touching the smell of fireworks. Came to the front of the woman, dawn to see the woman's appearance,Magnesium Oxide MgO, wearing a sky-blue hat, showing light golden short hair, facial features are very delicate, ears hanging red pendant, looks do not have a sharp feeling. She wore a light blue dress with a skirt extending to the lower part of her thigh, a light white shawl rippling in the breeze on her shoulders,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, and black high heels on her feet, all dressed in British style. Sharp and intellectual. Shijing Bao? Dawn spoke first and looked at her slightly. North Sea Branch, Chitila. She opened Danfeng's eyes and looked at the dawn. There is a sense of charm in the cold voice, which creates a different sense of contrast and makes Chitila more attractive. Are you Rinehart? Chittila stroked the pale blond hair that was scattered in front of her eyes. He observed the dawn for a long time. As a staff member of the North Sea Branch of the World Economic News, he heard about the name of Rinehart occasionally during this period. At first, he did not care. Under the arrangement of the editor-in-chief, she came to Polcaya to understand what Dawn had done during this period. She was very shocked. The purpose of this visit is not only the interview arranged by the editor-in-chief, but also to get to know Rinehart. He has a pair of seemingly ordinary but bright eyes, as well as a confident and calm temperament, all of which show that this young man really has extraordinary personal charm. Only twenty years old. Not a few years younger than himself, he is really an excellent man. Chittila thought to herself, but saw the dawn smile. The big reporter of the World Economic News, Magnesium Oxide price ,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, I have only heard of his name but not his person, but I didn't expect him to be a beautiful woman. "First meeting." Chittira pursed her lips with a smile, and took the initiative to reach out and hold it at dawn, feeling the warm touch on her palm very comfortable. Our editor-in-chief has told us that he will fully cooperate with Mr. Rinehart's propaganda work this time. He was a young man of twenty years old, and in his previous life he had little contact with beautiful women because of training, so there was something strange in his heart. It seems to be worth the money. Dawn couldn't help but think of it, so he laughed and said, "It's just a simple visit and a promotion of the winery, mainly highlighting the quality of our hero white series." "No problem, you provide ideas and I'll polish them." Said Chitila, nodding. Dawn spent a lot of money to bribe the editor of the North Sea Branch of the World Economic Newspaper, and even spent a lot of money to contract the front page of the newspaper for a month. He wanted to carpet bomb the news of Rinehart Brewing Company in the North Sea. Newspaper advertising is the best way to publicize. Miss Chittila, this way. Blatter opened his mouth and invited Chitila and her assistant to a separate office in the winery. Her assistant followed with camera equipment on his back and a camera in his hand. But instead of staying in the office, Chitila wanted to watch the brewing process of Dawn in person. Dawn naturally had no doubt, so she took Chitila to the distilling area of the distillery. The distilling area occupies a quarter of the whole factory, and a total of four independent brewing workshops are planned to be built. Many people are already in the workshops, and the workers are ready to start work at dawn. Chitila looked curiously at the huge distillation apparatus. ###046. The front page of the World Economic News -Distillery Awareness Program # # # The workshop in the distillation area is usually closed, but because today is the first time to start work, workers are allowed to temporarily open the workshop at dawn, so that reporters can shoot at close range, so that some VIPs can watch at close range. After entering the workshop, Dawn looked at the distillation equipment, which was nearly five meters away. The distillation equipment was made of steel, glass, plastic and wood. At the bottom is a barrel made of steel for heating, in the middle is a barrel for storing fermentation materials and wrapped by an iron barrel at the bottom, in which a huge homemade wine cone is placed and covered by gauze, and at the top is a condenser, surrounded by plastic water pipes extending everywhere. Add water! At dawn, the workers gradually poured the fermented material into the barrel with the wine cone, then covered the condenser on it, and poured water around the condenser to seal it absolutely. Dawn checked the process several times and began to pour water into the water pipe in the condenser until water flowed out of the plastic pipe on the other side. Start heating. The body of the camera kept flashing, and everyone was curious and not convinced that it would be possible to make wine in this way? Ulma also stared at the distillation equipment for a long time. He really didn't believe that this simple machine could make such delicious wine. If he hadn't been given a taste before dawn, he wouldn't have believed it. After a while, a burst of indescribable fragrance spread out, everyone is a shock, this smell. It smells so good. Tick tock.. The liquid dripping from the mouth of the tube began to speed up, gradually changing from tick-tock to tick-tock sound, and the liquid flowed in a line into the huge glassware prepared in advance. It worked! Watching the head of the wine flow faster,Magnesium Oxide powder, Dawn went over and sniffed it gently, then observed the speed of the liquid flow, the heat of heating and the change of wine aroma. The crowd watching in the distillation area looked surprised. Change the barrel! 。 stargrace-magnesite.com