Dad won't be angry

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Dad and I said, don't worry, Dad won't be angry, "Ji promised in the early morning.".

"You don't know, Master Tseng," said the boy with a sigh. "It's all because of this shop.". It turned out that when Fang Wenyuan came to the capital, he found that the shop had not yet been repaired, and even the door plaque outside had not yet been made. Asked again, only to know that the original shopkeeper was to wash his hands, he checked the account book, see the original decoration shop with silver, was all gone. When he wanted to find the shopkeeper, he knew that now he had climbed up the high branch, and he did not know which way to go, but the way to get through Hou Fu. Fang Wenyuan could not find the shopkeeper for a moment, but he could not let go of the shop, so he had to take out the silver again. As a result, he was worried about the shop from the bottom of his heart, and because the silver was stolen but could not be recovered, he was really suffocating and could not afford to get sick. Ceng Yuheng is also angry in his heart, but he can't think of a way. After a while, Fang Wenyuan woke up. The servant girl came out to invite him in. When Tseng Yu-heng saw that he was about to get up, he immediately said, "Brother Fang, you'd better lie down. But don't get up." "I look like this, but you laugh at Brother Tseng,304 Stainless Steel Coil," Fang Wenyuan said with a wry smile. Tseng Yu-heng immediately said, "Brother Fang, what are you talking about? You're really right. Even when you're sick, you hide it from me.". If I hadn't come here today, I'm afraid I wouldn't know it yet. When Fang Wenyuan did not speak, Tseng Yu-heng gritted his teeth and said, "Don't worry about this. When I get back, I'll ask my brother-in-law for help.". Then is Hou Fu,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, also have to say a reason is not. There is no one who connives at the servants at home and bullies people like this outside. "Brother Tseng, I'd better forget it. It's just a thousand taels of silver. My family doesn't feel bad about this money." Fang Wenyuan gave a wry smile and said, "What I'm worried about is the printing and dyeing recipe of my silk spinning. It was collected by my father himself when he went to various places. This shopkeeper has been in my family for more than ten years, otherwise my father would not be relieved to ask him to come to Beijing. Just did not think of, really let him climb up the high branch, dare to really do so. It was only two days ago that Wen yuan discovered that the shop in front of him, which had originally been a restaurant, had been sold down, saying that it was going to be changed to buy cloth. Later, as soon as he inquired, he found out that it was the shopkeeper's plate. This is really bullying people too much, "Zeng Yuheng gritted his teeth and said angrily.". Fang Wenyuan smiled bitterly, if people do business normally, he naturally does not say anything, but this will be directed at their Fang family. At this time, Fang Wenyuan could not help thinking of his father's embarrassment in the south of the Yangtze River. Every year, Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe ,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, I don't know how many taels of silver I have to show filial piety to Huasifang, but those people can exploit nearly 30% of Huasifang's interests just by talking. At the thought of these, Fang Wenyuan smiled bitterly from the bottom of his heart. He suspected that someone had targeted their Fang family this time. Ceng Yuheng also did not know how to comfort him, after all, these things did not happen to the Huasifang family. But he comforted Fang Wenyuan by saying, "I've brought you good news today." When Tseng Yu-heng told him that Ji Qingchen wanted the material for his family's clothes, he saw that Fang Wen-yuan's face was not too excited. He added, "Don't look down upon this girl Ji Qi. Do you know who her uncle is?" When Fang Wenyuan first came to the capital, he was naturally not familiar with people and places. Her own uncle is a saint today. She also told me that if your material is novel and unique, she will wear it when she goes to the palace for a banquet this year, "Zeng Yuheng said in a tone.". Then Fang Wenyuan sat up and asked excitedly, "Are you serious?" If such a noble person can really take a fancy to his own material, it will be very good for China Silk Spinning to open up a market in the capital in the future. Besides, with such a noble person, I'm afraid it will be a dependence in the future. Is it difficult for me to cheat you? "Zeng Yuheng laughed when he saw his spirit.". Fang Wenyuan immediately apologized and said, "Brother Tseng, that's not what I meant." Zeng Yuheng naturally knew that he didn't mean that, so he patted him on the shoulder and comforted him. When Zeng Yuheng returned, he met Ji Qingchen in Zeng Rong's yard and had to tell her that Fang Wenyuan was ill, saying that he could not personally deliver the material, but could send someone to his home tomorrow morning. "Sick?"? Is it serious? Ji Qingchen was full of worries. His eldest brother was like an old Buffalo. Even when he was sick and tired, he never knew how to rest. Tseng Yu-heng was afraid that she would be dissatisfied with Wen yuan, so he had to say truthfully, "It's a little serious. I haven't been out of bed for several days." Unexpectedly so serious, Ji early in the morning immediately showed a worried expression, and asked: "can please the doctor?"? Why don't you take Dad's post and ask Wan Taiyi to go there? Wan Taiyi has always been able to deal with high fever symptoms. When she finished a series of words, even Zeng Yuheng was dumbfounded. But before Tseng Yu-heng could open his mouth, Ji Chenchen had already said to Tseng Rong, "Madam, that Mr. Fang has done Uncle Tseng some favors anyway.". We should be grateful, so you take Dad's post and ask someone to ask Wan Taiyi to come to see Mr. Fang. Ceng Rong did not expect her to treat Ceng Yuheng's affairs so attentively, immediately moved the bottom of her heart, but she said with some embarrassment: "This matter should always be said to your father." After all, it's a great face to ask the Imperial Physician to see a merchant. Dad and I said, don't worry, Dad won't be angry, "Ji promised in the early morning.". Ceng Rong sees her say so, have to nod, took Ji Yansheng's card namely, call a person to ask Wan Taiyi. "Tseng Yu-heng was afraid that the boy would not know where Fang Wen-yuan lived, so he went with him." You are so warm-hearted, "Zeng Rong hugged her and said earnestly.". Ji Qingchen felt a little embarrassed, but he had to take the big hat. In fact, she is not for Zeng Yuheng, she is reluctant to give up her eldest brother. For so many years, she was in the capital, and her father, mother and eldest brother were all in the south of the Yangtze River. Although in this life, for them, they are just strangers. But in her heart, she always remembered how well they treated her. In a previous life,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, Dad's wish was to carry forward the Chinese silk spinning. But after she died in her previous life, her eldest brother returned to Jiangnan. Since then, Huasifang has never set foot on the capital again.