The cry of a butterfly

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He was like a conductor who was intoxicated with the symphony, like a writer who indulged in painting. He did not want to stop the violence for a moment.

On the surface, she is young, charming and gorgeously dressed, but underneath, she is a garrulous parrot, a greedy gadfly and a dissolute bitch. She is so smug that she slanders her husband to all her friends. She makes the whole world laugh at you for wearing a cuckold without knowing it. She sucks your energy like blood. She squanders your hard-earned wealth like hot soup in a bowl. More importantly, you not only have money to pay for her, but also are so "rain or shine".. After a well-timed pause, Campbell smiled and said, "There's no reason why she shouldn't lie in another man's arms tonight." Chu Hua completely understood that Kang Bo was inciting the man's anger and sounding the death knell of the man's reason. And it did work. The rich man, who would never allow anyone to covet his own things, got up, and the angry blood almost broke through the top of his skull, making his big face, which was covered with flesh, even redder and bigger. He will go home to "see is to believe", and then let the adulterer and adulteress pay the lesson of blood! He was stopped before he had taken two steps. Your gun. Kang Bo holds the barrel of the gun, picks up the pistol on the table,Surveyors tape measure, and returns the gun to the other side with a gesture of holding it upside down, which will make the other side feel at ease. "If you don't want to wash your dirty linen in public, you don't have to let your bodyguard never leave you-it's enough." ※※※ Ebullient can-can girls began to perform, rows of fleshy thighs kicking neatly, slightly alleviating the frustration of the losers in the bidding. Tu Yuming, of course, believed that his partner had the ability to get away safe and sound,fish measuring tape, but he should have been taken to a luxury house after bidding. Once, he only saw the fat man who reported "75,000" leave angrily, but he didn't understand what Chu Hua and Kang Bo were still dawdling in this place. I My God, my God! Head Chief! Shi Peidong was intoxicated with the woman's chest and thighs on the stage, but also looked around to see if there was "Yan to hunt", and actually saw Han Xiao. Shi Peidong was so surprised that he almost fell off his chair. He had no idea that his casual mention before departure could attract the elite of the police department who seemed to have no connection with such a place. What surprised him even more was that while he was waving his arms obsequiously to the chief police officer, the stripper sitting in the middle of them, Xiang Lai, also stood up. She waved her arms excitedly at him, shaking her round, high breasts, Walking measuring wheel ,Adhesive fish ruler, as if they should know each other. Dressed like an ironed suit, Han Xiao appeared at the door with a livid face. Ignoring loyal subordinates and gallant prostitutes, he quickly scanned the field with eagle-sharp eyes and then locked his lover without error. 818 2. The last victim, please turn off the lights (7) In a place of ruins, the man with a walking stick had just appeared when he was attacked and knelt on the ground. Han Xiao is very excited, excited like crazy, he can let this man who has always been self-restrained and elegant make a fool of himself, especially in front of his lover. It's your choice to come to your door! You stupid bastard! Han Xiao brandished the iron in his hand and smashed it into Kangbo. This shabby and messy place was full of murder weapons. He chose a guy who could bring pain to the other side most-a rusty iron bar with sharp edges. With another relentless blow, the man, who seemed to have been tortured by a spine stick, had to support the ground with his hands. This kneeling posture is not leisurely, but even if he puts down the usual lace and satin, the simple white cloth shirt can not hide his handsome elegance. When the rusty iron was pulled up, his back was red. I'm sorry.. Kang Bo tried to stand up and walk forward, but before he staggered two steps forward, he was knocked down by Han Xiao, this time he fell nearly two meters and spat blood, "for the nightmare you suffered.." "Don't you see everything? Why don't you hear that I don't want your treatment at all?"! I just want you to die. You should die! The other side's weakness makes Han Xiao more proud, he can now wantonly torture this pair of lovers, and even control their life and death. He also step by step behind the other side, hands and feet, while kicking the man kneeling in front of him one after another, while waving an iron bar to hit his back-the white shirt was soon covered with blood, Kang Bo reluctantly raised his upper body from the ground, holding the wall to the direction of Chu painting, but could not withstand Han Xiao's heavy blow again and knelt on the ground. Chu painting hands and feet are tied up, can only helplessly shouted at Han Xiao, "you ***ing stop!"! Don't fight anymore.. Don't ***ing fight again! Is he elegant in your eyes! Is it charming? Beating Chu Hua made him more angry, but beating Kang Bo made him cool. This man is obsessed with this kind of dramatic self-performance, and feels more inflated because he occupies an absolute dominant position. Every beating of his rival in love made him feel more confident and carefree. He was like a conductor who was intoxicated with the symphony, like a writer who indulged in painting. He did not want to stop the violence for a moment. The chief police commissioner pointed at Kangbo and laughed crazily at Chu's painting. "He knelt down in front of me like a dog, a weak, weak lame dog!" "Can you let him go." Kang Bo tried to support his body, but still kept moving in the direction of his lover. His mouth was covered with blood foam, and every word he said seemed to be difficult and painful to cut out his heart and lungs. "This is like the famous experiment stillface1.." Your lover is not, not in love with me. He just tends to ignore that he's already familiar with it. Familiar relatives are attracted to strangers, just like a baby. "Bullshit!"! Bullshit! Seeing that Kang Bo was going to save himself by getting rid of himself, Chu painted red eyes and denied loudly, "I love you!"! I know I love you. "I was afraid you were going to cry, but did you come to beg for mercy?" The man who pinched his throat was a man and a woman, and this was a man in a ragged pink dress. Reason is dead,cattle weight tape, through and through. He sank deeper and deeper into the mire of madness, dancing and falling. "I was going to pierce my eardrums and die with you if you tried to hypnotize me with words, but now it seems unnecessary!" 。