Jianghu Yipinlang

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The young man couldn't help laughing and thought, "Ha ha, I'm really a genius. I can see the mystery.

Linger thought for a moment and said, "He and Shifu seem to have been talking for a long time. I only heard Shifu say, 'No, this handsome grandson's life is against peach blossoms..'" By the way, Elder Martial Brother, do you know what is meant by "fate offends peach blossom '?" "? "Of course.." I do not know The young man shook his head and said, "I don't know much more than you.." We'll discuss this later. What else did they say? Linger shook her head and said, "I was in a hurry to find Elder Martial Brother. I didn't pay attention. I thought I saw the man take a painting and give it to Master. So I hurried here." The young man scratched the tip of his nose and asked, "What painting did he give the master?" Linger shook her head and said, "I don't know." Knocking his head, the young man said, "You know, it's not easy. Ask the master." "Elder Martial Brother," said Linger, "don't tell Shifu about my bleeding, or I'll ignore you." The boy smiled and said, "Well, my mouth is not that big!" " So the two brothers and sisters, hand in hand, ran straight to another peak. It was not long before he came to a very hidden cave between the cliffs. On the stone bed inside the cave sat a grey-robed old man with a long white beard. His thick eyebrows were like brooms, his eyes were like copper bells, and his eyes were shining in all directions, which showed that his skill was amazing. As soon as the two brothers and sisters entered the cave,ceramic igniter electrodes, they both knelt down and behaved themselves, saying respectfully: "Shuai'er and Ling'er knock on the door and pay their respects to the master." The grey-robed old man was the son of a dragon and a camel. He smiled and said, "Children, get up without ceremony." The two brothers and sisters responded respectfully, and both got up and stood in front of the stone bed. In front of the master, the clever young man is as good as a grandson! Now, he saw his flexible eyes rolling, took a glance at Linger,ceramic bobbin heater, and looked very good: "I heard there were guests just now." It was too late for Linger to stop him, so she had to stare at him. "You were eavesdropping outside the cave, Linger," said Long Tuozi kindly. "What did you hear?" Staring at the young man again, Linger quickly argued, "Master, I didn't mean to eavesdrop. I've never had anyone come for more than ten years. How could I know that a guest would come suddenly?". I I was supposed to come to pay my respects to the master, but when I got to the mouth of the cave, I heard someone talking to my handsome father. I was afraid of disturbing you, so I quickly walked away. I really didn't hear anything.. The young man didn't want the Younger Martial Sister to be too leaky. He gave her a sideways glance and said, "It's true. The Younger Martial Sister didn't say anything. She only told me that Master had a guest.". Master, who is the guest? "No need to ask," said the dragon with a smile. "You'll find out later." He picked up a scroll beside him and handed it to the young man, saying, "Handsome, take this back to your cave and look at it carefully. After an hour, Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters ,7g Ozone Generator, come and tell me what mystery there is in the painting." The boy took the painting and said with a wink, "Yes!" "Master," said Linger curiously, "can I.." She wants to get in the way, too. "Don't disturb your Elder Martial Brother," said the Dragon Camel with a straight face. "Let him watch it quietly by himself. Only then can he realize the mystery." "Oh, yes." Linger was so disappointed that she had to watch the young man take the scroll out of the hole. The cave where the young man lived was only seven or eight feet away from the cave of Longtuozi, and the cave was simple and simple, not to mention furnishings. But he was better than the master. At least there were quilts and pillows on the stone bed, unlike the dragon camel, who had nothing and was clean. With a curious heart, as soon as he returned to the cave, he couldn't wait to unfold the scroll. He thought it was probably either words or landscapes, but it turned out to be a naked, naked and gorgeous woman! Wow! This is really nerve-racking. What's going on? Although Longtuozi doesn't like to keep a straight face and pretend to be a "strict teacher" all day long, he won't play such a joke with his disciples. What the hell is this?! The young man was really puzzled, but he felt that there was such an opportunity, and those who did not look at it were fools, and those who looked at the painting with laughter. He tried to hold it back for a moment, and with a shiver, he quickly lifted the scroll and hung it on the nail where the clothes were hung on the stone wall. Then he stepped back and looked at the painting with his eyes wide open, only to see that the size of the naked woman in the painting was similar to that of a real person, lifelike and very beautiful. The beautiful hair of the shawl is pulled up by the arms that are raised and bent to the back of the head, putting on a sultry posture, which can be called amorous feelings. A melon seed face, two thin on the pick of the willow eyebrows, with a pair of seductive single phoenix eyes. Hanging gallbladder nose, cherry mouth, and a pair of charming dimples, simply beautiful bubbling. Nope! It's more beautiful than bubbling. It's all beautiful! Since the master has explained that there is a hidden mystery in the painting, it should not be a green vegetable (casual) talk, so what is the mystery in it? An hour later, the master waited for his answer. He could not say that he only saw a naked woman, could he? You have to see why! The young man was absorbed in studying the painting of a naked woman. Only then did he see that the painting behind the naked woman was not the shadow of the wind, but a pattern composed of dense small characters. When he got closer, he saw that it was full of strange sentences, arranged in a horizontal and vertical way, like spells and Buddhist proverbs, which made people look at it inexplicably. Could it be that the so-called mystery is not the naked woman in the painting, but in the dense small print? When the average person unfolds the scroll, he will be attracted by the naked woman in the painting, and he will pay attention to the small print. The young man couldn't help laughing and thought, "Ha ha, I'm really a genius. I can see the mystery. It's not difficult for me. I'm sure I can find out the answer!" This is like a big music fan asking for a clear card! The young man was thrilled to death, thinking that he was a genius and clever, and of course he could discover the secret in the painting. It took a long time for him to come closer, almost putting his eyes close to the painting so that he could read the dense small characters carefully. The eyes and nose are on the same side of the face, and since you have to look at the small characters carefully with your eyes, the nose is naturally close to the painting. I saw a strange fragrance, refreshing, I think it is a lot of spices sprayed on the painting. The young man could not reach the naked woman in the painting,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, and his heart itched very much, but he could not see the model, so he had to start with the words and watch them attentively. global-ceramics.com