The evil dragon of online games goes against the sky

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Sophie's heart gave a dark shout and quickly gave the order: "Lesser Snow, move them together … …"

As soon as the sound of "the game begins" fell, Sophie's body retreated ten meters under the holy transfer, and the "holy barrier" on her body blessed her body. The duration of her sacred barrier even exceeds that of the "wall of the sky barrier", which not only lasts for 30 seconds, but also forces the attack on the barrier to rebound by 50%. However, the cooldown time of "Sacred Barrier" is ten minutes after use, while the wall of the celestial barrier is only three minutes. Generally speaking, the self-protection ability of Xuanling Snow Fox is still better than that of the sage. "Sacred Barrier" body, 30 seconds of time Sophie will be no worries, and the duration of this skill also determines that she must make a quick decision. Then, the ice and snow wolf was summoned by her, with her gesture, rushed to the dust. At the same time, the mouth of the dust has also issued a deep chant: "The devil from hell, obey my call, come to the world, become the evil hand of my hand, pierce all the humble creatures.." Demon summons! Cang Chen's voice was born with a palpitating cold feeling. Under his low singing, three dark rings appeared around his body in a triangular arrangement. The rings stretched out three antennae releasing terrible black awn. Then, three ugly lives slowly rose from the rings, bringing up a wind from hell.. "It's the devil summoned by the dust!"! Each of them has the strength of a two-star B at the same level as him! Shen Xiaoyao said in a low voice, three two-star B, when he faced them, he could not resist,aluminum tile trim, but used tricks to lead them off the stage, Sophie, can she deal with it? "No, no, it's different. Don't you realize that the devil in front of you is bigger than you've seen before?" Szeto instantly squinted and said that his "devil's eye" clearly got the information of those demons, "unfortunately, they are no longer the original two-star B, they have grown up, and now they are powerful three-star B!" "What?" This time,china tile trim, even the left broken army was surprised to speak out. Three 82-level two-star B is already extremely difficult to deal with, and three three-star B, three star B than the two-star B, the overall strength of at least double ah! Demon: Level 82 three-star elite, life: 330000, the player Cangchen summoned out of the small devil, it is rumored that the hell was extremely evil pawn, with the dark power of evil, save time 200 seconds, after death directly disappear, each time the number of summoning more than three, two summoning interval time is not less than 60 seconds. Talent: Demon Body. Dark resistance is 60%, immune to poison, curse and dark. Skills: Claw of Sin, Hell Wind, Dark Soul Claw. Trick: Curse the eye of resentment. Weakness: Light. Light Resistance-100%. Has a natural fear of light. Loses life quickly in light situations. Three powerful 82 Samsung elites, stainless steel edging strip ,stainless steel tile edging, any one of them, are difficult or even impossible for most players to deal with, let alone three at the same time. There was a cold smile on Cang Chen's face. The summoner himself did not have any attack ability, and all professions in life were fragile. But the summoned beasts are more powerful than one, especially in the later period, the summoner's terrible fangs are really revealed. And Cang Chen, who has a hidden summoner profession, the beast he summons is so powerful that people tremble. In the face of three 82 Samsung B, Sophie did not panic, called in a low voice: "Lesser Snow, go.." Seal them! The ice and snow wolf leads the life, swoops forward, when it rushes forward, the holy word barrier and the holy word aura has blessed its body, so that the damage it receives is reduced by 50%, and the attack increases sharply. Three demons also rushed up to meet it, and the evil minions stabbed its body. With a howl, the body of the ice and snow wolf suddenly jumped high, leaped directly over the heads of the three demons, fell behind them, and then quickly turned around. The wolf's mouth opened wide and spewed out its strong skill of "frozen breath". The white smoke enveloped the three demons. The demon who lost his target continued to rush forward for a long time before turning around.. Sophie's memory, although the devil summoned by the dust has a strong attack and vitality, but the agility of the mind and body is quite poor, otherwise, it would not have been played by the wind at the beginning, and then it was easy to take them off the stage and disappear into black fog. So what she gave the ice and snow wolves was the instruction not to attack, but to jump directly behind them. Breath of Freezing has a high probability of freezing effect, especially for monsters lower than the Ice and Snow Wolf, the effect is almost 100%, but the big flaw of this skill is that it must be hit continuously by Breath of Freezing before it takes effect, which takes about three to five seconds. If it is attacked, it will be interrupted, or the target will run away immediately, it will not take effect. As Sophie expected, it took the three demons a full three seconds to react, and another second to turn around. When they turned around, the ice had formed on the surface of their bodies and became thicker and thicker until they completely lost the ability to move. The three demons were frozen into three ice sculptures. It worked! Sophie's heart gave a dark shout and quickly gave the order: "Lesser Snow, move them together … …" Then ignore them and attack the dust! The ice and snow wolf ran quickly, pushing the three demon ice sculptures into the same straight line with his own body, and then the wolf stared angrily, with a long howl, and rushed to the dark dust. Tear! Ice and Snow Wolf's main ability is ice attack, but physical attack also has the ability to kill the dust. Under one of its claws, with a clear sound of tearing, the dust quickly moved to avoid, and then moved to avoid, and then move to avoid. His teleportation can be continuous, but under the ice and snow wolf's agile attack, he is still a little flummoxed, and even has no time to summon other summoned beasts, after all, his teleportation distance is also not arbitrary. Sophie quickly moved to the front of the three demon ice sculptures, raised her hands,aluminium edge trim, and the colorful stick of holy words in her hands flashed. With the action of her hands, a white bow of light was formed between her hands. The white arrow of light also flashed on the bowstring, and then the arrow of light flew out.. Priests' only form of attack is holy archery.