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Didn't he deserve to die? Is there anyone here who doesn't deserve to die? Yan Chongtai has been unable to control

Didn't he deserve to die? Is there anyone here who doesn't deserve to die? Yan Chongtai has been unable to control his consciousness. His thin face was covered with shoulder-length hair, and his sharp laughter sounded, as he waved his robe in an exaggerated way, like a coquettish but dying ghost butterfly in the valley, "What Yang Huo Ye, Gao Feng Jiu, this woman is dead but so many people can't live for her!" The voice of Yan Chongtai, who said this, was already crying. He staggered to Dong Qingqiu, and before he got close to her, Dong Qingqiu had been pulled back several steps, away from Yan Chongtai, who had lost some of himself. Shangguan Rin has pulled Dong Qingqiu away from Yan Chongtai to avoid being hurt. He shook his head at Yan Chongtai. "Boss Zhao already knows what he wants. I don't think you understand it yet." His face was getting darker and darker, just the opposite of Yan Chongtai's pale face. We can spend a happy day, have loved one's sweet honey, have not yet found a prince charming, this year there will be progress oh to be continued, if you want to know how the future, please visit the www. Qidia ncom, chapter more,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, support the author, support genuine reading! "Man Chao Feng Hua" Netizens Upload Chapter 9 Chapter 10 don't Come Over Yan Chongtai saw Dong Qingqiu fall into the arms of Shangguan Rin, and his blood-red eyes seemed to be burned again by the fire, and he was about to burn himself to ashes. Now listening to what Shangguan Rin said, he was even more resentful. He had nothing to rely on but did not worry about grabbing Shangguan Rin's shoulder. His two hands were like nine Yin white bone claws, interlaced and treacherous. With boundless hatred, he vowed to turn Shangguan into a second corpse. "Give me back Wan Siqiu!"! Give her back to me! Yan Chongtai's eyes were full of ferocity,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, but more of despair and fear, but before he got close to Shangguan Rin, Suo Yu had already rushed over with his sword, and his claws touched his cold sword and were quickly bounced off. Yan Chongtai looked at Suo Yu and Shangguan Rin protecting Dong Qingqiu at the same time. The resentment in his eyes was getting deeper and deeper, but it gradually turned into pride. He suddenly stopped attacking and looked at Dong Qingqiu and said with a smile, "Do you think you can live with so many people protecting you?"? You're wrong. No one can save you except me, and the poison on your body has not been solved yet. Your life is in my hands. If I let you live, you will live. If I let you die, you will die. As soon as he said this, he immediately poured a basin of cold water on the heads of Suo Yu and Shangguan Rin. Suo Yu nibbled his red lips and looked at Yan Chongtai, whose mind was not quite normal, and did not know what to do. Even if you force him with a knife now, he won't give you the antidote. Computer novel station w w w. 16k.cn will even make him more insolent and more disadvantageous to Dong Qingqiu in an instant. Just then, a wave of heat, Stainless Steel Squatting Pan ,Flush valve price, accompanied by the smell of burning weeds, filled the air. Dong Qingqiu looked around and saw that Mingyuesong had lit a torch and was holding it around the central mound. Set fire to the sheep weed on top of the mound. The dry weather makes these sheep Huo leaves under the breeze, but also get the fire. Dong Qingqiu was startled, "you." What are you doing? The voice also faintly revealed concern, just now Mingyuesong has been silent. Why is there such a strange behavior all of a sudden, is it not that he can't get over it? What can we do about it. The moon pine retreated to one side, watching a circle of flames around him gradually spread upward, until the whole mound was shrouded in flames, he did not speak, "This valley is absolutely a secret.". Since she left a leaf to know the four words of autumn, it means that these four words are also riddles to solve the secret. Autumn. When the grain is ripe, there is a part of fire beside it, which means that the grain is burning like fire. It is pointed out here that one leaf is the Yang Huo leaf. I think the answer to this riddle is to burn the Yang Huo leaf with fire. As for what will happen, I think we should wait until the fire stops. His words attracted everyone's attention. Even Yan Chongtai, who was on the verge of madness, stared blankly at the raging fire in the center. The heat wave came one after another, pouring the smell of paste into people's stomachs, which made people feel that they were about to turn themselves into bacon. Dong Qingqiu was so smoky that his eyes were about to choke out tears, and subconsciously he stepped back two more steps. But I saw Yan Chongtai and Ming Yuesong standing by the fire, without any intention of retreating. She wanted to call Mingyuesong away, but the words were on her lips, but she never opened her mouth. Between her and Mingyuesong, there is inevitably a layer of diaphragm. Although two people are opposite, but this layer of diaphragm is like the Milky Way to pull the hearts of two people far away, as if they can never reach each other's hearts. She looked at the growing fire from a distance, looking at the opposite side of some blurred bright moon pine, the refraction of the hot air reflected the figure of the bright moon pine more illusory, suddenly a heat wave, the bright moon pine in the face of the veil to blow up, faintly revealing the face under the veil. That face is no longer a clean face. That face is clearly covered with a small snake-like cracks, although blocked by smoke and heat waves, people are somewhat blurred, but those cracks are still clearly visible, Dong Qingqiu only felt like his heart was hit violently, the whole person is somewhat unstable. The bright moon.. Her voice trembled a little. People subconsciously run to Mingyue Pine. What's the matter with him? Why did you turn into such a horrible face? Ming Yuesong heard Dong Qingqiu's call. His whole body could not help trembling, and he realized that his face might be seen by her, so he stepped back and buried his whole body in the black veil. He glanced sideways at Dong Qingqiu and saw that she was about to come over. "Don't come over," he said. "I'll frighten you." Dong Qingqiu listened to his cold words, can not help but be stunned, but the more Mingyuesong like this, but the more let Dong Qingqiu heart uncomfortable, "I.." She suddenly remembered Xia Changqing's description of the heart poison, when it comes to poison hair, people's skin will crack into one wound after another, can it be said that the heart poison of Mingyuesong has been poisoned? What about his life? She took two more steps towards him,Stainless Steel Toilet China, only to see him move two more steps away. With a hoarse voice, Mingyue Song took a look at Dong Qingqiu and cut her heart like a knife. "Don't come over, you." 。 cnkexin.com