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Later, there is a commentary about how Bai Qingyu got to know Tie Er: "Nancheng Tie Er Ye was originally an unknown hoodlum.

Later, there is a commentary about how Bai Qingyu got to know Tie Er: "Nancheng Tie Er Ye was originally an unknown hoodlum.". In the forty-third year of Xiuwen, Tieer suddenly found Wen Laowu, the leader of the hooligans in Nancheng. He took out two large bundles of incense and lit them. One bundle stood on the table, and the other bundle lifted his clothes and stood on his chest. Clenching his teeth and waiting for the incense to go out, he pouted at Wen Laowu. The name was called'Jing stuffy incense '. All the people on the street were clear. It was clear that it was a challenge. If Wen Laowu had seeds, he would have to draw a gourd and fight with the iron. If he frowned, he would have to be laughed at wherever he went in the south of the city. This move is Wen Laowu's famous stunt, and even won him the name of a mosquito incense five. But this time Wen Laowu met his opponent and fought until he could not see any good meat in his chest and fainted. From then on, Tie Erye created a name in Nancheng. Nancheng has the most flower streets and willow alleys, and the way of making money of the Second Master of Iron is among them. Look for that soft small palanquin only, inquire about the background of the person who takes the palanquin, look for that when no one is around, go up to ask in a low voice: 'My Lord, how is so-and-so girl serving you?' Because the court stipulated that officials were not allowed to go in and out of the brothel, the people in the sedan chair knew the rules and did not want to make trouble, so they ordered people to reward them. As long as the money, iron two will never continue to pester this person,Time Delay Tap, when the government check the card, will also inform the news in advance. In this way, within a few years, Master Tie took the first place in the south of the city. Tie Er was hated by his peers and was trapped by Wen Laowu and thrown into the prison of the Department of Prevention and Control. Tieer and Lin Chien-ping had some contacts, and had heard Lin Chien-ping boast that the Thirteen Childe was of noble birth, and that his hands and eyes reached the sky, so he begged Lin Chien to move the Thirteen Childe to get himself out of prison. Bai Qingyu himself had no influence,Flush Retrofit Kit, and he didn't want to lose the prince's share in front of Lin Jian and his son, so he had to take out his own money and get Tie Erlao out of prison. From then on, Tieer talked about the benevolence and righteousness of the Thirteen Childe all day long, but he didn't know that Bai Qingyu himself was suffering. There is an unwritten rule in the dark street of the apocalypse. Those who live on the street and worship their ancestors are brothers of the same family. Even if they have great enmity, they are not allowed to go to the government to inform each other. Otherwise, those who betray justice will be punished by everyone. Iron two out of the prison, then to the black street led by Jiu Gong people worship the post, asked to comment on the truth. Jiugong is over eighty years old. He is the only remaining member of the "Jiu" generation in Tianqi Black Street. He has worked hard in Tianqi for many years. He is highly respected and has always been an unswerving figure. Jiugong also heard from others that a so-called "Thirteen Childs" had risen in the younger generation, so he asked Tieer to invite Bai Qingyu to walk around the hall in the name of confronting Wen Laowu. Bai Qingyu only wanted to be carefree, and he was reluctant to have a relationship with Lin Jian and Tieer, so he wanted to refuse, but was persuaded by Lin Fang's words, "If you can't sit in Taiqing Pavilion, Time Delay Faucet ,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, you can also be an underworld emperor.". So according to the rules of the street prepared a gift, introduced by the iron two, personally to nine public house. Nine male to give Bai Qingyu a Xiama Wei, put down the 36 knife through the knife array, did not expect Bai Qingyu used to the world, calm through the array. Because Lin Jian has done enough homework for Bai Qingyu in advance, plus Bai Qingyu's natural prince demeanor, advance and retreat to deal with, keep courtesy, make Jiugong look at him differently. Verse 11: Lion's Tooth Meeting and Gongshanxu (1) T, xt, small; say Tian'tang Wen Laowu jumped over the wall and proposed to "draw a lot" with Bai Qingyu to argue his innocence in front of the grandfather, and all the people present changed their faces. Tie Er immediately shouted abuse at Wen Laowu and was willing to be tortured on behalf of Bai Qingyu. According to the rules, the "drawing of the Heavenly Lot" must be witnessed by at least three concubines, and a hundred orders and eight lots must be prepared. Each signature is written as a kind of torture. The proposer draws lots and signs, and then is punished according to the torture on the lot, and then changes to the other party. It is not until one of them begs for mercy or dies that the matter is over, and the one who can't endure the torture is in the wrong. This is one of the most cruel rules in the black street. The person who draws the lot is often either dead or disabled. It is only used when it is difficult to distinguish between black and white and when both sides of the struggle have deep hatred. Therefore, many people call it "drawing the curse of God" in private. Wen Laowu saw that Bai Qingyu was pure and refined, and expected that he was just a spoiled playboy, thinking that he was sure to win. Unexpectedly, Bai Qingyu was a man who would not give up until he reached his goal. Now that he had decided to be the emperor of the underworld, he could not stop anything. Besides, he had no worries in his heart. He was very indifferent to the matter of life and death and took up the challenge calmly. Wen Laowu and Bai Qingyu drew a lot. Wen Laowu drew three knives and six holes. Wen Laohu was also a man, three knives and six holes, crisp and neat. Lin Jian was worried and whispered to Jiu Gong, telling Bai Qingyu the identity of the prince. Jiu Gong was shocked, but did not dare to disclose the identity of Bai Qingyu, so he had to stop Bai Qingyu from drawing lots in the name that Bai Qingyu had not worshipped his grandfather and was not inside the door and wall. Wen Laowu naturally refused and scolded the grandfather. Could it be that the three knives and six holes on Lao Tzu's body were fake. The two sides were quarreling, but Bai Qingyu had already drawn a lot. When he looked at the lot, he saw that it was the only one of the eight lots that did not have to be punished. Everyone was speechless, and Wen Laowu had nothing to say. Wen Laowu drew the second lot, which was "cut the breast to feed the dog". Unexpectedly, Bai Qingyu drew "fair and aboveboard" again. Wen Laowu lost too much blood and fainted to death. All the people believed that Bai Qingyu was blessed by the stars and were convinced by him. At the behest of Lin Jian, Bai Qingyu asked Jiu Gong to be his teacher. Jiu Gong refused because he was a prince. Bai Qingyu insisted on pleading. Jiugong finally opened the incense hall in front of his grandfather, and after three times of kowtowing to offer tea, Bai Qingyu was placed on the door wall. From then on, the Thirteen Childe became the second person in the Black Street of the Apocalypse, and the matter of "drawing the sign of heaven" was very popular for a time, while Lin Jian had already bribed the person holding the sign in private, but it was lost in the legend and no one knew about it. The Lion's Tooth Club and Gong Shanxu The weak royal family and courtiers do not fully represent the weak descendants. In the military families handed down from generation to generation, the hatred of the young people for the barbarians and the anger of the princes are gathering. Dissatisfied with the cowardice of adults,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, these teenagers have an organization known privately as the "Lion's Tooth Society", which intends to gain military power and fight against the barbarians when they grow up. These young people have a strong chauvinistic and militaristic spirit, and often meet in secret.