Changsheng Shu Xian Ting

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Just as Zhaohua and the King of Jin were about to kneel down and salute, the man in black suddenly shouted in a cold voice

Just as Zhaohua and the King of Jin were about to kneel down and salute, the man in black suddenly shouted in a cold voice, "Get out!" Long sleeves a roll, received the jade card, the person also dodged to disappear. Leaving only the awkward royal four, and a bunch of young ladies who didn't know what had happened. The poem meeting ended hastily. Zhaohua looked back at Qiushui Villa and gritted his teeth: "Back to the palace!" Taizu jade spirit card appeared in Qiushui Villa, this matter should be reported to the father at once! Qiu Shi has a daughter Yun Ming happened to be on duty today. As soon as Princess Zhaohua left, he was summoned in by Emperor Jianming. Master Mingde is in Qiushui Villa? As soon as he saw Yun Ming come in, Emperor Jianming waved impatiently to avoid his salute and couldn't wait to ask. Since Zhao Xia Jiangshan gradually settled down, the four great masters have been reported dead one after another, but Emperor Jianming naturally knew that this was just an excuse for these people to avoid the world. At the very least, Master Mingde of Wuwei Taoism knows for sure that he can still eat and drink and live well. Since receiving the post from Princess Zhaohua, Yun Ming had a vague premonition that something would happen, and sure enough, An Yang made a scene with the princess. It was a pity that the emperor was partial to the princess and did not take the matter to heart. He was restless all day today, and when he saw Princess Zhaohua's face in the distance earlier, he knew it immediately. How can such women be provoked by these women with bound feet? Princess Zhaohua has always been a wise man. How can she be so unrelenting? It seems that she has suffered a lot. In the heart secretly a sigh, Yun Ming silent distant head. Emperor Jianming's face sank. "Master, did he give away the Jade Spirit Tablet of Emperor Taizu?" Yun Ming nodded silently. Emperor Jianming patted the imperial table and stood up. Taizu carved his own spirit tablet with jade that day, how heavy it was? Master Mingde also tacitly promised that the tablet would be returned to the imperial clan of Zhao Xia after his death. It was given away at this time! Of course, the master is still alive and well, and he did not say that he could not be given away for use while he was alive,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, but this is too much. After walking around the Xuanzheng Hall several times, Emperor Jianming finally suppressed his dissatisfaction with the master and sat down on the Dragon Chair. He eased his mood and continued to ask in a deep voice, "Who did you send it to?" Yun Ming hesitated for a moment, but answered, "Lord of Qiushui Villa, eldest daughter of my father, Miss Qiu Changsheng." "The daughter born after Muyuanqi divorced his wife?" At that time this matter made a hubbub, the women in the palace gossip,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, the queen mother is very dissatisfied with Nan'an Hou Ye, he is also heard. Later, an Yang prodigy was born, the past can not help but bring up again, he secretly had a careful investigation of the origin of an Yang, this woman is no stranger. But just as a wild and martial ordinary girl, a little heart, but did not expect her to have such ability. Why on earth did Master Mingde give her the Taizu Jade Tablet? Jianming Diqi Road. Unless the master was old and confused, Emperor Jianming did not believe that he would give away the brand which was comparable to the imperial seal to the descendants of Zhao regardless of its importance. This time Yun Ming was silent for a long time, but finally he slowly opened his mouth and said, "About five years ago, the family teacher met Miss Qiu by chance. He loved her talent and circled for half a month. At parting, the family teacher presented him with the spirit tablet of His Majesty Taizu." "Love your talent, love your talent." Emperor Jianming read two sentences, "What else can Master Mingde, Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin ,Flushometer valve, who is crazy about martial arts all his life, love?"? With a flash of inspiration, he suddenly stood up and looked at Yun Ming in disbelief, "don't.." Yun Ming nodded and sighed with emotion: "At that time, Miss Qiu's cultivation had already reached the realm of heaven and man. There was no flaw, but she could not bear the tricks.". The family teacher learned from him for half a month, loved him and taught him everything he could. Half a month later, the family teacher was defeated. "The great master." Emperor Jianming sat down on the Dragon Chair and murmured, his face changing greatly. He couldn't believe his ears. Master Mingde was defeated? Even when the four great masters gathered together, it was Master Mingde who was the best, forcing the other three masters to swear to retire at the same time. Can be called the world's first Mingde master, unexpectedly in more than 40 years after the defeat. If this matter will be spread out, the world will be shaken three times. Emperor Jianming was in such a mood at this time that he simply wanted to pull out the pedantic crazy old man Mingde and beat him up. Unbearable moves, unbearable moves, why don't you take the opportunity to end her? He even taught each other everything he could to make such a horrible person. Your old man is good. He hides on the mountain, pretends to be deaf and dumb, and doesn't care. Nothing happens. But who will clean up for me? Love is eager, love is eager, you send her to become a monk, why put her under my eyes! Also gave her the Taizu jade spirit card, this is not to let her take out the card, I have to come forward to kowtow two heads?! "How old was the woman then?" "Two days older than my younger sister, square eleven." Yun Ming's mood is not calm. At that time, the master had a competition with Miss Qiu and allowed him to watch the battle. Watching the woman from defeat to victory day by day, although she was born early, she just understood some moves, but the shock has not yet dissipated. Eleven, eleven.. Emperor Jianming smiled bitterly. An Yangzhong's Number One Scholar was also eleven that year. The thoughts spent on An Yang all these years are in vain. Chivalrous men use force to violate the ban. People like the great master, who are not in the secular world, naturally need to be used to hold their ground in troubled times, but in this peaceful period, it is the biggest hidden danger of the court. Uncontrolled absolute killing power, one hand can turn over the sky, and so young, not as pure as Master Mingde, away from the world of mortals, suddenly came out, really a headache. Did Master Mingde ever tell me anything? Half ring did not hear the echo, looked up, Yun Ming is soul outside the sky, straight Leng, do not know what to think. Emperor Jianming raised his voice and asked again. Yun Ming suddenly came to his senses. He lowered his eyes slightly and said, "After I fought with Miss Qiu, my family teacher closed the gate. He once said: In this life, until the day when the void is broken, I will never enter the world of mortals again." The implication is that you can treat this man as dead and not count on him at all. Qiu Changsheng. Emperor Jianming took two glances at Yun Ming. Five years ago, he knew there was such a person, but I didn't say it until I asked him today. Intentionally blame a few words,Manual Flush Valve, but eventually waved his hand and said nothing to let Yun Ming step down. The disciple of Wuwei Taoist Sect, after all, the teacher's order is greater than the emperor's order. He is not a person who can rest assured to use it. Emperor Jianming was very disappointed.