Through a furnace of aloes

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Luo Xiaohu followed Chen Xiang without a sound, just looking at the thin but straight figure in front of him

Luo Xiaohu followed Chen Xiang without a sound, just looking at the thin but straight figure in front of him, he wanted to help, but he felt that he could not think of anything to help, so he could not help scratching his head. At this time, the two men unconsciously walked to a busy street, passed a three-storey floor, and the sound of playing and singing came from inside. Chen Xiang inadvertently looked up and saw a luxuriously decorated restaurant standing impressively on the street in this area. The facades of three four-column double-eave archways and four buildings were all carved with complicated curly grass lines, painted with gold and colorful pictures, and painted with colorful pictures. The tapestry ring supported a huge plaque with the book "Wei Rui Pavilion". There were as many as eight or nine Kui dragons on the archway, all covered with scales and armor, hanging under the cover. Rows of gold and red covers are also inscribed with the words "Wei Rui Pavilion". Chen Xiang strolled past, just in time to hear a middle-aged woman dressed in brocade in the corner of the double eaves archway, who was shouting at a man who looked like a tortoise slave: "If I don't get sick early or late, I will get sick at this time. Isn't this the collapse of my Zhou Xianglan's stage? I really see that I usually spoil her too much. At this time, the master is in a hurry to call someone. Where can I find someone?"? Go, tell her, I have to climb for her! "Oh, mom," said the man, "isn't it useless for you to let her climb over here and not drink or socialize? "If you let Futai Taiye lose face in front of the imperial censor,plastic cosmetic tubes, you'll have to collapse your platform, and maybe you'll have to tear down your house!" Chou Hsiang-lan slapped her in the face and said, "His mother's tortoise king has eight crows' mouths. If you don't block me up, the dead girl will make trouble for me. What should I do?"? After a while, the limelight was all taken up by the Liu family, and when she turned around, she was not willing to make a scene,plastic laminated tube, and she didn't live up to expectations. It was really a worry! When Chen Xiang heard these words, she hesitated a little. Then she stepped forward and bowed to Zhou Xianglan and said, "Mom is worried about the girl's exit. If Mom doesn't mind, how about I take the place of her in this game today?" Zhou Xianglan was startled. She looked Chen Xiang up and down and said with a giggle, "Where did you come from? Are you wishful thinking? Do you know what you are going to do?"? What can you do with your little body? Chen Xiang lowered her head slightly and said in a humble manner as much as possible, "Don't laugh at me, Mom. I happened to pass by and heard about your trouble. In fact, I was in a hurry. My mother was seriously ill and needed money for medical treatment. I don't have enough money. If Mom doesn't mind, you can try it out first. If it's good for a while, we can sign a contract. If it's not good, "Mother said it was not good for the new comer to please people, and the old man thought it would not be too difficult for her mother." Zhou Xianglan was a little moved by this, but Chen Xiang looked really inconspicuous, or a little hesitant, Chen Xiang naturally understood what she meant, polyfoil tube ,eye cream packing tube, and then said: "Mom, why don't you listen to me play a song first, so it's not too late to decide!" The words hit the spot, Zhou Xianglan hum track: "Then you come with me, first go to the back to play a song for the old body to listen to!" As she spoke, she twisted the waist of the bucket and walked inside. Chen Xiang was about to follow her. Luo Xiaohu called out to her. Chen Xiang looked back at him and leaned close to him and whispered, "I'll try to get the seal and go back. You go to the tea shop across the street and wait for me!" Luo Xiaohu wanted to stop, but Chen Xiang finished his words and walked into the pavilion. Luo Xiaohu could not stop him. He felt a little uneasy and absurd, but he did not have the ability to stop him. He hesitated again and again, stamped his feet, and walked across the street. Qu Chenxiang followed Zhou Xianglan into the Wei Rui Pavilion, only to see a scene of debauchery inside. In broad daylight, it was already full of guests. Gardenia lamps with gold and red gauze were decorated in the halls and corridors. The flowers and trees were scattered. Inside the door, there was a courtyard space of one hundred feet square. After walking ten or twenty steps in the main corridor, it was divided into two corridors, north and south, on both sides of the attic platform. A lot of women with heavy makeup were walking gracefully, all of them came to socialize and drink. A stream of fragrant powder and gold scraps were dancing all over the sky. On the corridor, there were flying bridges and railings. In the VIP hall behind, you could see the beaded curtain embroidered forehead and the graceful figure. It really looks like a blessed place. Zhou Xianglan led Chen Xiang into a small attic at the back, where some clothes and musical instruments were scattered. Zhou Xianglan picked up a lute and handed it over, saying, "Can you play the lute?" Chen Xiang did not refuse either. She held her in her arms and sat down at random. She played a song "Man Ting Fang". Two years ago, she had just entered the world. Xue Shi needed to repay the medical expenses for her daughter's illness, so she played in the street for a month. In those days, Chen Xiang and Xue Shi learned a few songs. Chen Xiang sometimes felt that this mother was not an ordinary woman, and she had some style in her speech and behavior. Not the kind of village woman who has no culture. Only later saved enough money Xue Shi will not do this public appearance of things, more just let Chen Xiang learn to mend fishing nets, but Chen Xiang learn everything very quickly, that song and so on, although some days do not play or have a foundation. After playing a song, she looked at Zhou Xianglan. Zhou Xianglan just nodded: "It's barely feasible, but the technique is a little rusty. The imperial censor invited today said that he came from the capital, so he may not be able to get into the eyes of the law!" Chen Xiang said with a smile, "Mom, this song is just a fancy song. Talking and laughing is the root of the game. Chen Xiang's craftsmanship is not good, but his capacity for liquor and his ability to talk and laugh are not bad. If he plays Shuanglu Guessing, he must be a good player. Mom, do you want to try again?" Chou Hsiang-lan glanced at Chen Xiang and said with a giggle, "Your little mouth and old body have learned it, but you can play tricks. You have some skills. You are young and bold enough. I'm too lazy to try again. I'll throw caution to the wind. At the worst, let the dead girl come back on top again. It's just that your clothes are not good. I'll ask Hachi to fetch one for you. If you can really make the gentlemen happy today, I, Zhou Xianglan, will recognize you as my daughter. I'm sure you'll make a lot of money in the future. If not, be careful about your skin! Chen Xiang smiled and said,plastic laminted tube, "I don't want any big money. It's just enough for my mother to see a doctor." Zhou Xianglan narrowed her eyes and said with a half-smile, "That's good. Mom, I won't treat you badly." 。