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Lin Jiamu stood up when he heard this. "Thank you for giving me my meal card. Goodbye." Sian's clumsy concern

Lin Jiamu stood up when he heard this. "Thank you for giving me my meal card. Goodbye." Sian's clumsy concern did not make her feel comforted, but felt very embarrassed. The relationship in college was the most humiliating moment of her life. Sian witnessed the lowest point of her life for half an hour. She remembered Sian, but never looked at her again. Seeing her was like looking back at the wound that had festered on her body. Sian would suddenly call her after nearly ten years. It was really beyond her expectation. She still tidied up the guest room and prepared to place her. She had seen her classmates on the alumni list several times about Sian. Most of them were envious. After she graduated from university, she changed one or two jobs and worked in a good medium-sized enterprise. It was no big deal. The remarkable thing is that she found a very good husband. She was born in a scholarly family and received higher education. At a young age, she became the principal of a high school in the provincial capital. It is said that she has a bright future. The most important thing is that she is gentle and considerate to her and envies others. At that time, Lin Jiamu thought it was strange that Sian, who had always been kind to others, did not respond to such comments, but she would praise everyone for their status and exposure of their children. She attributed this to Si An's apology, but now it seems that there is something else. She thought about it and called Tian Qinqin in the provincial capital. Tian Qinqin's impression of Si An was even shallower than Lin Jiamu's. "Si An.." Is that the one who is not tall, is white, has a little natural curly hair, and looks like a doll? "No, not her, that is with her dormitory, Si An is not tall, looks quite white,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, but very ordinary." It's just comely. "Oh, I remember the girl next to the doll." Lin Jiamu knew it was a waste of time to call her. "Well, I won't talk to you. I thought you knew her." "The provincial capital is so big, how can I know her if she doesn't go to court." By the way, Jiamu, I heard you were pregnant? "Who said that?" "A few classmates are saying that you are married with children, and that you are afraid of having a big belly when you don't have a wedding banquet." "No,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, I'm not pregnant." "Oh, it's a pity. Remember to tell me when you're pregnant." "Why should I tell you?" "Order a baby to kiss, although my son is older." But when you grow up, you must be mature and steady. "What if I had a son?" "I'll come on and have a daughter." "Don't talk nonsense." "I won't talk to you. Someone is looking for me. You must tell me if you are pregnant." Tian Qinqin hung up the phone, Lin Jiamu playing with his mobile phone, lost in thought, Si An in the end is what is so urgent to find her, how did she get her contact information? Speaking of.. Sian has always been the unknown girl in the crowd, you see her ten times, you don't remember seeing her, but when you really get along with her, you will feel that she has been observing the crowd, Nail production machine ,Coil nail machine, carefully not to cause trouble to anyone, not to attract anyone's attention.. How much can ten years change a person? Lin Jiamu had been watching the crowd, but it was not until a familiar thin woman stood in front of her with a child that she recognized Sian, "Sian?" "Mmm." Si An nodded and tried to smile, but the scar on his face made the smile sad and desperate. "Yaoyao, this is Aunt Lin." "Hello, aunt!" Compared with her mother's fragile and thin, Yaoyao is more like a little princess, wearing candy-colored cotton-padded clothes, hair combed into princess hair, big eyes blinking and blinking, full of ingenuity. Yaoyao is good. Lin Jiamu touched her head, "my car is parked over there." She said and took Sian's backpack. "Let's go." Si An's expression is somewhat confused, she turned her head sideways, with the left ear to Lin Jiamu, this just heard clearly Lin Jiamu's words, nodded and followed her. Zheng Duo sat in the car watching the news with IPAD, Lin Jiamu knocked on the window, he raised his head, "You are Si An, right?"? I am Lin Jiamu's husband. ” Sian did not expect Lin Jiamu to come with a tall and strong man to pick her up, quite surprised, a gust of wind blowing, this man only has the smell of bath lotion and aftershave, no smell of alcohol, eyes firm and sincere. Si Anlue put down the heart, but still with a trace of vigilance, said, at the beginning Yang Dongjun is not the same modest gentleman? Lin Jiamu and Zheng Duo looked at each other. Women who suffer from domestic violence almost all have the same characteristics. They always wear clothes that cover their whole body as much as possible. When facing the opposite sex, they are alert and fearful. Their eyes are not confident. These characteristics are obvious on Sian. Lin Jiamu took her heavy luggage and opened the back door to let it in. Along the way, the adults did not speak much, only looked happily out of the window, she seemed to think she was really out to travel, and did not realize that her life had changed dramatically. I've cleared out the guest room, and you can stay at my house for the time being. "Is it too much trouble for me to rent a house?" "Even if you rent a house, you can't rent it in a few hours. You can live in my house temporarily, find a house and move out." Sian seems to want to stay for a long time, not to hide for a while. Uh "By the way, I have a friend in the hospital." "I want to examine the wound." "Yes." Si An is like this. She looks weak,Nail Making Machine price, but sometimes she is very firm. There are many women who have been subjected to domestic violence. There are also many women who have escaped with their children like her. But most of them have been coaxed back by men or "relatives". There are very few people with her firm or even resolute eyes. What is an injury test? Asked Yaoyao. My mother was injured, and my aunt took my mother to see a doctor. "Did mom fall and hurt herself again?"? Or are you going crazy again? Yaoyao's words were somewhat accusatory, "Grandma and Aunt said that Mom was stupid." 。