Sit on the ground and become an immortal

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Because I feel that Junjun should be very painful when he says this, and I don't want to be a person who makes him painful.

Because I feel that Junjun should be very painful when he says this, and I don't want to be a person who makes him painful. I really don't. It's the second watch.. Collection ing Chapter 048 hate is like a chain. The girl jumped up and down on the soft quilt, happy as a jerboa. There was a cry of joy, and her hair was disheveled in front of her forehead, and she didn't care at all. Tired of jumping, he spread out his limbs and lay on the bed. Then he changed his position and kept rubbing and crawling on the bed without stopping for a moment. So comfortable, so comfortable, so good! She reached out her hand and touched the quilt under her body, sighing with satisfaction. Junjun is really a good man, and he seems to have a great background. Looking at the cloud-like curtain overhead, his eyes flashed, "I knew I was right!" With a scream, he turned over again, rolled over and over on the bed, and did not stop for a moment. I didn't misjudge anyone. She said. I didn't misjudge anyone. Her name is. On the rippled mirror in front of us, every move of the man in the palace, every expression, every scream, came into our ears clearly. The man in light clothes reclined on the bed and said nothing. The jade standing next to him was somewhat dumbfounded. This is That man? Is that the girl in front of you, who is jumping up and down, shapeless, like a crazy girl? Nope No, there must be some mistake. Think so with extravagant hopes. Glancing at the quiet master next to her, she opened her mouth: "She.." How did it get like this? "After several reincarnations, she thought she was a demon. Why couldn't she change?" He answered slowly. Your Majesty, why bring her back? The words have been spoken, but I know they are wrong. Is this what he should ask? Sure enough, the Lord did not open his mouth to answer, but his eyes looked more and more at the man in the mirror. The jade turned to look,CNC machining parts, and the man was still celebrating like a flea. Ha, ha, ha, dozens of reincarnation, unexpectedly that person's body's evil spirit grinds completely? If it goes on like this, after thousands of years, she may really forget all about the past, isn't it better. Why? The master wants to do it himself. Could it be that it was just because the past was hard to bear in mind that it stuck in his mind? Or, I can't bear to look at that man. Muddleheaded, quit Lingxi. After such a long time of spiritual practice, I can't let it go. But what is the reason? Could it be. On that day, he had personally seen the tragic situation on the Dragon Terrace. The clangorous oath of the man before he left was heard in his ears. He tried to hide it from the Lord. However, with his cultivation, how can he not know? In these three realms, Stainless steel foundry ,Investment casting parts, as long as he wants. There's nothing to hide. The oath with blood and tears, the indomitable and stubborn face, the absolute and resolute jump. She hates, she hates. She is not convinced. And his heart, will be comfortable. However, it is obviously none of the Lord's business. It's not his fault. Why. I can't put it down. Even if he does not say, the jade also knows, tonight the Lord hurried to go, for. It's her safety. Aware of the monster's gluttonous breath, aware of the impact of her breath, he flew to investigate. Are you afraid something will happen to her? Are you afraid that the arrangement of this life will fall short of success again? Are you afraid that the determination you have just made will be shaken? Yuzhao doesn't know. But he never said it, nor did he admit it. What is it for? Looking at the happy look in the corrugated mirror, the Lord will smile. The smile is all in the eyes. It's a scary feeling to climb up the heart of the jade bit by bit. Life and death. Drink a lot of wine. White jade finger lining jade cup, drunk eyes blurred looking at the wine in the cup, he murmured. You really never forget it. In front of him, the man must have been tired. After exercising hard in bed for a while, he turned over, hugged a quilt and slowly closed his eyes. Sleepy, go to sleep. She said. A sweet smile appeared at the corners of his mouth, regardless of the fact that his hair had fallen down and covered half of his face. This extraordinary tranquility is so precious. The soft expression on her face is the natural nobility that she should have. He was in a trance. Suddenly she opened her eyes again and startled him. And she said bitterly, "I don't know what Junjun is doing and where he is. Damn, this bed is so big that he doesn't come to sleep together." Suddenly he hugged the unlucky quilt and pressed it back and forth, saying, "Sooner or later, sooner or later." Then he hugged and really closed his eyes. If you don't move for a long time, you must be so tired that you fall asleep directly. Then he was dumb, smiled silently, stretched out his hand, and was just about to brush away the scene. She suddenly opened her mouth and murmured. The sound came to his ears like a knife to the heart. Junjun, I like it very much. She said. Jun.. Red lips move slightly, fingers force. "With a bang, the white jade wine cup turned into fragments, and the broken pieces of jade pierced the fingers and oozed bright red blood." Your Majesty! "With an exclamation of surprise, she rushed forward." Nothing. But he said lightly, "Nothing." Compared with the pain of removing the scales and the spirit beads, this point. It's really nothing. The closed water mirror could not be seen, and in the empty palace, she fell into a deep sleep, but the girl suddenly struggled. A little wavy line on his forehead was looming. Ah She opened her mouth and let out a low moan. Frowning, is the expression of pain. The fingers grasped the soft quilt, and the joints of the hands appeared because of the pain. Sweat, slowly falling from the forehead, dripped onto the quilt, and was quickly sucked dry. But she still could not wake up, her body trembled slightly, and slowly curled up into a ball because of pain. Finish in the third watch. Run. Chapter 049 white lies. I stretched my arms and legs and walked to my room. I do not know why, obviously sleep in such a comfortable place,metal stamping parts, but feel uncomfortable, all over the body as if someone had pinched the same, dull pain.