Love with the gods [through the book]

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Ryusia ran upstairs, found two tickets in his drawer, ran down again, and gave the ticket in his hand to Ados:

Ryusia ran upstairs, found two tickets in his drawer, ran down again, and gave the ticket in his hand to Ados: "Brother, you can use this. Mistri sent me the ticket." Athos hesitated for a moment, but took it. Although the use of Mistri's ticket package made him very unhappy, when he thought about the price of the concert ticket, Ados's inner discomfort disappeared. Over the years, the price of tickets for concerts at the Red Sand Theater has been rising, and now it has risen to ten silver coins, which is rounded up to three days of meals. Now the family is not short of money, but it can be saved. Why not? Anyway, Mistri doesn't like himself, so there is no psychological burden to use his package ticket, but there is a kind of pleasure of revenge. Thank you, Lucia. Athos thanked him. "You're welcome," said Lucia cheerfully. "I'll ask Mistri if he's going to play today. If he does, I'll just go backstage with him." "Remember not to be naughty and not to cause trouble to Mistri." Anna exhorted. I know! Ryusia answered and left the house, running across to Mistri's house. Today is the first day of their formal love. It is a memorable day. Is it not good to be the same as before? As Lucia ran, her pace slowed, and when she reached the door of Mistri's house, she came to a screeching halt, thinking that she had better go home and dress up. As soon as she turned her head, the door behind her was opened. Mistry smiled and lifted Ryusia up. "Good morning, Ryusia." Good morning! Put me down quickly! Ryusia's rare reserve rose, shy and shy, pushing and refusing, "It's not good to be seen." "Is it?" Mistri laughed and let Ryusia throw herself into his arms. He closed the door. "So no one will see it." Lucia coquettishly buried herself in Mistri's arms. Did Anna say anything about you when she went back yesterday? Mistry asked gently. No, after all, I have grown up! Leucia grunted. "And I'm going out with you. Anna won't say anything." "That's good." "Yes." Lucia remembered her business and raised her head. "Will you attend today's concert?" Instead of answering directly, Mistri asked Ryusia, drum spill pallet ,ibc spill pallet, "What's the matter?" "Well, my brother has another girlfriend. He's going to your band's concert today. I lent them the package tickets you gave me." "Well, it's good to use it." Mistri didn't have a problem with it at all. "Need a drink ticket? I have one here." "Yes!" Ryusia answered at once in a loud voice. Okay, I'll get it for you later. Mistry asked quietly, "What does that have to do with whether I'm going to play today?" Lucia explained, "You know my brother's popularity with women. If you go, I will go backstage with you. I will go to see what my brother's new girlfriend looks like. If he is a love liar again, he will be miserable." "You're right." Mistri's expression did not change. "Then I'll play today." "Hm?"? Didn't you intend to go? Lucia was surprised. "It doesn't matter. I can go by myself. If you don't plan to play today, you don't have to go. There's no need to change your plan for me." "It's all right, Ryusia." Mistry waited patiently for Lucia's messy refusal to finish. "When I wasn't your boyfriend, you made these requests very frankly. Why did it change now?" "Since it's your boyfriend, of course you have to tell me what troubles you have. Isn't it more efficient for us to work together?" Ryusia was moved by Mistri's words, and she threw herself into Mistri's arms: "I like you so much!"! Mistry! "I like you too, Lucia." Mistry gently smoothed Lucia's golden hair. "Now I'll pack up my instruments and we'll go to the orchestra, okay?" "Good ~" Liu Xiya obediently agreed, "then I accompany you to practice together. ” Mistry pinched Ryusia's face, put Ryusia on the sofa, and began to pack up his coat and piano case for the trip. As he packed up his things, Mistri turned his head and found Lucia sitting on the sofa with her chin on her little hand and her big watery eyes looking at him. Mingming had grown up, but Mistri thought Ryusia was still a child. He couldn't resist taking a box of strawberry puffs from the kitchen and shoving them into Lucia's hand. !” Lucia opened her eyes wide and looked at the box of very delicate and lovely desserts, and her face was full of struggle, "No, I can't eat, I want to lose weight!" "It doesn't matter, you're not fat." Mistri comforted him. "It's nothing to eat a little more." The expression on Lucia's face was even more struggling, and she said painfully and tangled, "But I'm really fat.." Mistri pinched Lucia's face. "Just eat a little. We'll go when I'm done." "Well, then eat a little." Ryusia said in a tangled way. By the time Mistri had changed his clothes and was ready to leave with his piano case, Lucia had eaten up a whole box of puffs and was sitting on the sofa as a salted fish. Mistry pretended not to see Ryusia's resentful eyes and pretended not to know that Ryusia had eaten a whole box of puffs. "Well, now we should go." Ryusia furtively closed the lid of the snack box, pretended that she had not finished eating, and walked timidly to Mistri's side. Let's go Mistri had a piano case in one hand and was holding Lucia in the other. "It's still early. Why don't we take a walk?" "Good ~" Ryusia was led by Mistri, and the two men went outside the door and found that the crow was still doing his duty outside the door. On the first day of love, Lucia looked at the black-headed and black-faced crow and felt beautiful. She greeted him warmly: "Good morning,plastic pallet bins, Mr. Crow." The crow gave a croak. Lucia took out a piece of candy from her pocket and said, "Please eat the candy, Mr. Crow.".