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Cutting dirty logs can be a long and laborious process.

Cutting dirty logs can be a long and laborious process. These tips will help you speed up the process.

  1. Keep the chain sharp

Whether the wood is clean or dirty, a sharp chain is necessary for effective cutting. If you notice these symptoms, then it’s time to make your chain stronger:

The cut chips are smaller. When your chain becomes dull, your chip size will tend to be large and slender sawdust.

The saw slowly cuts and pulls less. The blunt teeth remove less material with each pass, so they pull towards the operator with less force.

Extra vibration. Dim changes during cutting tend to make the saw rebound.

smoke. As the chain becomes blunt, more heat is generated. This is due to the reduction of the material that emits heat from the chips to take away the heat.

  1. Quick cleaning

Brushing for a while or removing the bark for a while removes most of the dirt. In the long run, you can save some time for sharpening.

  1. Strategically reduce

A thoughtful approach will reduce a lot of dirt chain connections. When you want to cut, ask yourself if you want to pull dirt into the cut. Sometimes, just cutting from one side can minimize dust contact. Experienced recorders usually use more advanced techniques, such as plunge cutting.

If the research has been completed, but the weight of the saw is not actually felt. You need to be confident that you can control the saw, so you can place the OUTE chain saw manufacturer and discuss the options with us. We will be able to provide you and your needs with recommendations on the best chain saw.