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Digital speedometers are often used in automatic control circuits.

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Digital speedometers are often used in automatic control circuits. It is actually an "automatic switch" that uses a smaller current to control a larger current. Therefore, it plays the role of automatic adjustment, safety protection, and conversion circuit in the circuit.

The digital speedometer mainly reflects current changes and can play a role in current protection and circuit control in electrical equipment. The digital speedometer is connected to the main circuit, and when the current in the circuit reaches a current value outside the range of the digital speedometer, the main circuit is disconnected and a related signal is generated. The digital speedometer is usually used in the automatic control circuit of electrical appliances, and used in the automatic switch that controls the large current with a small current, and the conversion circuit is used as safety protection.

What are the classifications of digital speedometers? Electromagnetic digital speedometer. The electromagnetic digital speedometer is used as the starting component of the generator, transformer, transmission line overload, and short circuit protection device. The speedometer was widely used in the last century and the beginning of this century, and now it is a mechanical digital speedometer using integrated circuit quiescent current.

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