Push Up Umbrella Works Well

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Grandpa Leisure Furniture's chair for the elderly?

Grandpa Leisure Furniture's chair for the elderly?
Grandma's vegetable basket?

And dad's?

Uh (⊙o⊙)... I can't tell, right?

in fact,

No wonder you know too little,

Only blame me for showing up too late

Everything is my fault.

During the Three Kingdoms period, the warriors used to send troops to fight were made of rattan. "Three Kingdoms" has records about the "rattan armour". The so-called "rattan armour" refers to the battle clothes woven with rattan. Not wet, neither swords nor arrows can enter."

  It can be seen its advantages: light weight, low density, good waterproofness, strong and durable, and excellent toughness. You know, rattan knitting was life-saving at that time, just like the current body armor.

   Rattan: A vine with tough texture and extremely long body. Its skin is smooth in color, smooth in hand, and excellent in elasticity. It is a good natural woven material

   Unique resource advantages and generations of industrious and intelligent craftsmen, the flowers of rattan crafts bloom throughout the city and countryside.
   is exquisite, quaint and no lack of new ideas of the times. It has strong practicability and artistry, and can be adapted to different environments. It is not considered extravagant when placed in a cold room, and it is not awkward when placed in a Huatang. It can be said that the rich and the poor are suitable for both the elegant and the common.



   is mostly the light yellow of the original rattan or processed, bleached to white, and ivory is soft and elegant, and some are matched with brown, brown, etc.

Push Up Umbrella also has the effect of warming in winter and cooling in summer. Because of its own vents and the hand-made weaving technique, it is comfortable and cool in summer, and because of its low heat dissipation in winter, it is covered with mats and feels like spring breeze .

Gentle and considerate, knowing cold and hot,
Only exists to protect your health.