The Pulsar Speedometer Sensor Plays a Key Role In The Operation Of The Vehicle

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The speed sensor of the pulsar speedometer measures gearbox or output or wheel speed.

The speed sensor of the pulsar speedometer measures gearbox or output or wheel speed. The engine control module uses this information to modify engine functions, such as ignition timing, air-fuel ratio, gearbox shift points, and start diagnostic programs.

Will the faulty vehicle speed sensor illuminate the engine light or affect the operation of the vehicle?

Yes, due to the large number of tasks involving sensor output, a faulty vehicle speed sensor may illuminate a fault indicator and may cause many different driving performance problems.

What are the common reasons for failure?

In addition, depending on the location of the connector, these sensors may also be worn out due to metal contamination, gear damage, or immersion in water.

Where are these sensors?

The vehicle speed sensor is usually located on the gearbox or drive axle.

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