It all culminates this weekend at the Avalon Hollywood

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It all culminates this weekend at the Avalon Hollywood

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 Dellario adds that the personal Rocket League streams of players and broadcasters alike are also on the rise — all of which benefits Twitch, of course. But it also benefits Rocket League and the community, and helps turn casual viewers into invested fans. Remkoe says he's seen a significant increase in discussion around the series and game, whether on Reddit, Twitch or elsewhere, and King of Urban's Jayson "Fireburner" Nunez claims the RLCS has "introduced us to a lot of new viewers that are just getting into the game and the pro scene."

It all culminates this weekend at the Avalon Hollywood, as the four best teams each from North America and Europe descend upon Los Angeles for the double-elimination championship across Saturday and Sunday. Tickets to the live event are sold out, and Brown says that a lot of the key community members who helped drive initial excitement in competitive Rocket League are flying out to see what all of that word of mouth ultimately led to.

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