The seasonal arena is referred to as the Farmstead

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The seasonal arena is referred to as the Farmstead

The seasonal arena is referred to as the Farmstead, and prefer its call implies, it's an autumn-themed map set in the middle of a farm. It'll be  Rocket League Trading Prices available in Competitive, Casual, and Private suits following the replace, however it's going to only be around for a constrained time this fall. You can see screenshots of the arena underneath.

In addition to the season area, the Autumn Update introduces widespread arena variations of Wasteland and Starbase Arc. The classic variations of each will stay available for Private and offline fits. A new customization alternative inside the shape of player banners may be introduced to the sport as properly. Players will even have a danger to snag ninety unfastened customization alternatives, so that it will be available as Uncommon, Rare, and Very Rare drops after online fits.

The video, produced via YouTube channel CorridorDigital, starts out looking as if it's going to reveal how mundane actual, ground-certain RC automobiles knocking a soccer ball round could be. That does not continue to be the case for long, as CG consequences allow the vehicles to begin acting the equal varieties of maneuvers that make the sport so a laugh.