The Tile Trend Is Toward Surface Structure

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The exciting surface structure of the tile provides additional inspiration and is no longer inside information.

Interior enthusiasts agree that tiles have a huge advantage over other floor coverings. The fact that tiles are practical and solid is by no means the only argument. On the contrary, it is the almost unlimited design possibilities of ceramic tiles that greatly inspire design lovers. In order to let you enjoy here, you can choose from a wide range of designs, formats and materials for the keyword "ceramic tile". The exciting surface structure of the tile provides additional inspiration and is no longer inside information.


The reverse side of the surface: structured tiles for all tastes

Modern tiles have a decisive advantage: they offer a variety of options. This doesn't just apply to smooth surfaces. Instead, now the tiles are really starting. After all, the appearance of other materials (such as natural stone or wood) is no longer simply imitated to obtain the most realistic appearance. By properly designing the surface, structured tiles also mimic the feel of these reference materials.


Further: relief, honeycomb, flower or wavy and curved surfaces are now part of the standard repertoire of modern tile manufacturers. Even brick structures can be replicated through structured surfaces. In other words: with structured tiles, everyone will taste it.


Structural tiles in use

Tiles with structured surfaces have as many uses as shapes and patterns. These stylists not only look like floor tiles, but also set exciting accents on the walls according to the design. Of course, the same applies to indoor and outdoor areas.


In damp rooms and outdoors, structured tiles have proven to be truly versatile, as they effortlessly combine aesthetic aspects with practical features. After all, slip resistance plays an important role in these applications, and ceramic tiles (such as natural stone and wood appearance) fully meet these requirements.


This argument has little effect on wall tiles. Here's the rule: let your imagination play! Structured tiles can subtly emphasize personal style without being abrupt. But they can also be used as a statement, for example, that color tiles with three-dimensional optical effects are a luxury addition to every living area. Compared with floor tiles, 3D structures give full play to their full potential on the wall.


Clean textured tiles

Anyone struggling with lime stains is advised to use dull structured wall tiles. In addition, however, cleaning tiles with structured surfaces usually takes more time than cleaning smooth materials. Accuracy and the right cleaner are important here - so consider the manufacturer's maintenance recommendations and expert tips.