Path of Exile-3.12.4d Patch Notes and Patches

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Path of Exile has released patch notes. The latest "Path of Exile" patch has made several changes, adding support for the association between the "Storage Tags" and "Storage Tags" folders. You can drag the hidden tags to the "Storage Tags" folder. Find the hidden label. Folders allow you to organize hidden tabs in POE Currency.

In addition, incognito tags can now be associated. The "Storage Tag" proximity system allows you to specify the "Storage Tag" in which the selected special material type will be stored. Hold down the Ctrl key and open any archive tag currently opened, and click the corresponding item in the inventory in the warehouse. If the warehouse tag is not opened, the item will be sent to the storage card directly through the correlation setting. Have a location that matches the type of item you want to hide.

Kinship can be used for the following item types: currency, card, essence, divination card, fragment, unique, search, wither, variant, and delusion. As long as you open the door explicitly, you can enter the perception door in "Storage Robbery". The mass effect imparted by any abnormal poison will give "an enemy with at least 5 poisons a fatal hit to get a crazy impulse" because the previous mass effect cannot work.

This patch not only improves the variability of the ground texture in the vast hideout of the glacier. The function of Towering Hideout has also been updated to make the preview video more suitable. The previous issue that Gianna could not open the turning door in the big turning wing was also resolved.

Previously, many players reported that the Heist Trinket modifier caused the currency stack to fail to maintain the correct stack size when converted to other currency types. This will affect the color ball and the jeweler's ball, but now players don't have to worry, POE Items can solve this problem.