Why Use Disposable Cleaning Wipe In Medical Treatment

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More and more studies have shown that Disposable Cleaning Wipe is a safer and more effective method of infection control compared with reusable cleaning cloths.


More and more studies have shown that Disposable Cleaning Wipe is a safer and more effective method of infection control compared with reusable cleaning cloths.
From spray to spray to atomization, customers can use a variety of cleaning tools to deliver detergents and disinfectants-but choosing the correct delivery mechanism can be difficult. Although disinfectants can simply be sprayed on environmental surfaces to kill or inactivate pathogenic microorganisms, wiping surfaces is an important part of the cleaning process and an effective way to control hard surface contamination. The presence of dirt particles will reduce the effectiveness of the disinfectant, and the removal of dirt is particularly critical. Compared to dry wiping methods, wet wipes significantly enhance particle retention and removal. A study conducted by Rutala (2012) in the United States involving Clostridium difficile found that two to three logs of spores can be removed only by the physical act of wiping the surface with a wet cloth.

Infection control and hospital safety
Parkland Health and Hospital System and Crothall Healthcare, a healthcare support service provider, conducted a case study in the United States to develop and implement a disinfection program that can improve its hospital's safety score. It is important to incorporate a daily system that is simple enough for the staff to perform continuously, while reducing the cost of cleaning and disinfecting tools and equipment. After evaluating Parkland's disinfection products and methods, Crothall used disposable Oxivir® Tb wipes in the ward at the end of 2015. Combined with the use of sustainable hospital disinfectants, it increases productivity, reduces costs, and improves program compliance.

Oxivir Tb (US) and Oxivir Excel wipes (Europe) use accelerated hydrogen peroxide (AHP®) technology, which can effectively fight a broad spectrum of pathogens with a very short contact time (Oxivir Excel wipes can completely kill the virus in 30 seconds) , It’s important to pass the ward quickly when turning. The use of Oxivir Wipes improves compliance because the surface remains moist for the required label contact time, ensuring disinfection while simplifying the process. The wipes are strong enough to clean and disinfect surfaces and equipment, while being gentle on employees, equipment, and surfaces.

Since implementing a new program covering products, processes and procedures, Parkland has achieved impressive results, including a 12-minute reduction in emissions cleaning time and a 20% reduction in daily cleaning time. The ATP test shows that the high-contact cleaning performance is improved by about 50%.

According to Alan Williams, general manager of Crothall Healthcare, disposable disinfectant wipes improve cleaning performance and Parkland's bottom line. "Using Oxivir Tb disposable wipes eliminated my headaches from daily management of the laundry process," Williams said. "We no longer need to manage the washing process of microfibers and rags, and employees have the tools they need for daily work."

Eliminating this pain point and expense allows Parkland management to focus on its most important task: reducing the incidence of medical-associated infections (HAI). Williams reported that the cost of changing cloth per week was between 800 and 1,600 euros. Now, Parkland employees can easily complete their work in a shorter time because they no longer need to go back to the trolley to get a new rag or dip the rag in the disinfectant. According to Williams, switching to Oxivir Tb Wipes changes the rules of the residence time game, because AHP-driven wipes are not corrosive and the surface remains moist without double wiping.

Improve user experience
Another case study was conducted at the St. Luke Health System Quality Department and St. Luke’s Hospital (SLH) in Kansas City. The team identified opportunities to improve the hospital’s quality, implementation and results of products and procedures that directly affect its scores. The St. Luke Health System Green Team participated in the review and decision-making process with the goal of identifying products and processes for customization and improvement throughout the hospital organization.

"Members of the infection prevention team, care committee, and green team pointed out that the accelerated hydrogen peroxide in Oxivir wipes is cleaner than previously used," said Amir Jahansouz, Director of Environmental Services at Crothall Healthcare. "The convenience of pre-moistened wipes is another important factor in the decision, because it ensures that the product is always properly diluted and that the wipes are clean and fresh every time they are used, which is important to prevent the spread of pathogens through the wipes. ."
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