Barrel Mold Inspection

We are a Bucket Mould manufacturer, and you can find our products on our website.

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Barrel Mold Inspection

We are a Bucket Mould manufacturer, and you can find our products on our website.

For paint bucket mold technology, it has no frame, which means a complete core and a complete cavity. Even if the processing difficulty is increased, the life of the mold can be extended. Otherwise, four sliders are used for the eaves. This structure can increase mold injection balance and mold stability, thereby also increasing mold life. In order to reduce customer costs in the production process, we seek the best cooling method to reduce cycle time. Now our 1L bucket runs on a high-speed machine with a cycle time of 5 seconds, while the 20L bucket container on a DKM injection machine has a cycle time of approximately 35 seconds. Our stripper plate has water cooling, and the core cavity has reasonable cooling. The longest cooling channel will not exceed 700mm, and the distance to the product surface is only 7mm. In addition, be-cooper is usually used in bucket cores and cavities to reduce cycle time.

The following are the specifications of the 18L paint bucket mold:

  1. Core and cavity material: 1.2344 die steel of HRC42-44 or H13 die steel.
  2. Both the core and the edge of the cavity are embedded with beryllium copper alloy, which can obtain the best cooling effect under high-speed injection.
  3. Mold base material: use standard mold base, such as LKM.
  4. The brand's hot runner system is equipped with a mold temperature controller, which can save materials and reduce cycle time.
  5. The induction shape switch can accurately control the spray distance
  6. The mold design has an excellent exhaust system.
  7. The paint bucket mold has an in-mold labeling system.

The wall thickness of the paint bucket is uniform, and the leak test, stack test and drop test meet the quality requirements.

In addition, you can also choose Paint Bucket Mould, which is also one of our products.

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