ESO Power Leveling Jewelry - Elder Scrolls Online Guide from itemd2r

although there are a few quirks you’ll need to learn if you’re hoping to become a master jeweler and ESO Gold .

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ESO Power Leveling Jewelry - Elder Scrolls Online Guide from itemd2r

Jewelry crafting is a fairly new addition to The Elder Scrolls Online. Released alongside the Summerset Chapter in 2019 — five years after the game’s initial launch — jewelry crafting has quickly become one of the best ways to earn gold and improve your character. It follows many of the same rules as other crafting professions, although there are a few quirks you’ll need to learn if you’re hoping to become a master jeweler and ESO Gold . From finding crafting components to leveling up your current gear, here's everything you need to know about ESO jewelry crafting.

Leveling Method #2: Crafting

Crafting jewelry will also increase your experience in Jewelry crafting (what a surprise!), and taking advantage of the daily Jewelry crafting writ is a great way to do this. Once you craft the required jewelry, you’ll gain additional crafting inspiration as well as items you’ll need to craft future jewelry upon turn-in. You can only do a crafting writ once a day, but the bright side is that you have a chance at getting a free intricate jewelry piece as well, which will further increase your experience when you deconstruct it.

Crafting jewelry will give you less experience than deconstructing, as you’ll only be able to craft lower-level jewelry at first. You can craft the highest-level jewelry possible and deconstruct it, but you’ll still net more experience deconstructing items you find rather than create yourself.

Buy Jewelry Items from Guild Stores

In case you have some gold to spare, buying jewelry items from guild stores is a great way to level up your jewelry crafting skills. Although you can buy any type of jewelry from Guild Stores, we recommend going with level 50 Champion Points 160 jewelry items. If you can find these at a reasonable price, quickly grab one. All the while, keep a lookout for such jewelry items with intricate or ornate traits.

Any jewelry with the intricate trait gives away a ton more Inspiration than the same jewelry item without the intricate trait. Also, the jewelry items with ornate traits are best for selling because their re-sell value is much higher when you sell them to NPC vendors than when you sell the same jewelry items without the ornate trait. And with the extra cash earned, you can buy more jewelry from guild stores and ultimately deconstruct them for Inspiration.

Jewelry Skills

Out of all the skills the Jewelry crafting tree has to offer, players will benefit the most from the “Plating Expertise” passive. Once maxed out, it’ll reduce the material cost of upgrading your jewelry (for example, upgrading three jewelry pieces to gold level will cost 4 instead of 10). With the current price of Chromium Platings going for upwards of 200K, that’s a total cost of 1.2M instead of 3M! That’s a pretty good deal for only three skill points.

There are two ways to level jewelry crafting when you have the spare cash.

The first option would be going from guild store to guild store and buying all the cheap Level 50 Champion Points 160 rings in any quality. Best would be the ones with the trait Inspiration, because this will grant you a lot more Inspiration you gain from deconstructing, but any is fine. But you can buy any in the end, unless it’s not a couple of thousand gold, even the ornate ones.

The second option might be a bit more elegant and is definitely faster and more efficient, but requires you pay around 47 700 gold. Of course this option seems to be the most expensive one, as you pay around 47 700 gold just for the ounces and it requires you to have a crafting partner, but if you want to level fast and easy, you can choose a safe store to Buy ESO Items

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