3 Types of Fashionable School Buildings

“Green School” - The limit of the school is the building itself, creating a vacuum inside, bounded to serve as a playground for children

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3 Types of Fashionable School Buildings

1. “Green School” - The limit of the school is the building itself, creating a vacuum inside, bounded to serve as a playground for children, isolation from the madding crowd. The school generate tensions, breaks the monotony and gives it expression, completely wrapped in a green carpet of artificial turf, creating a changing, distinctive and rich shape. From exterior to interior spaces of games set in range of different treatments as the most private public by a way of filters. The playground is the child's inner world, structured through the different “fingers”, as a step to generate various entrances and shade areas, understood as a continuation of the school itself.

This work supports our human architectural philosophy of build over the fact that in the experience of architecture, beyond “the wise play of sloping-green-volumes under the light”, you hear the echo of children playing. And that echo feeds and gratified us, feeling once again that through the architecture we create healthy environments for life.

2. A vertical school without fixed classrooms - The new education center for VUC Syd in Haderslev, Denmark, has no traditional classrooms. Instead, it appears as a vibrant and visually engaging educational environment, in which group areas, presentation spaces, dialogue cubicles and quiet zones allow for a more diverse approach to education.

The education center's terraces are a key element in its expression. In a movement, which starts right down at ground level and ends up on the top floor, the terraces twine around the building, creating a vertical schoolyard and uniting indoors and outdoors in a single gesture. Therefore, the education center has no permanent classrooms. Instead, it is has been designed as a vibrant and visually engaging educational environment, united by the atrium and the staggered staircase at the heart of the building.

Modern IT has been given high priority in the design and layout of the education center. For example, every student is issued with his/her own iPad or MacBook, while 165 digital touch screens in different sizes have been integrated as a natural component of the educational environment. Contact to the city has also been given high priority. This finds expression in the public ground floor, which encompasses the public space into the education center and includes a culture café and lecture theatre, which provides space for larger-scale events.

3. Simple and environmentally friendly school in Sri Lanka - This school is a light steel building, all the steel production is completed in factory. It can be directly installed after been transported to the location. It’s eco-friendly and no pollution created. At the same time, it has excellent performance in earthquake resistance. It’s the best house choice for people who live in earthquake zone as it can greatly reduce the loss of personnel and property in the event of a disaster.

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